How to use Templates in WordPerfect 12

A template is a pattern or page layout that you can use to make similar pages or designs. The template acts as prototype that you can add your materials using a predefined format. This saves you time since you will not have to create a format for every page that you create. It is typically blank but includes presets such as the fonts, format styles, and page structure among others. You can choose from an array of premade templates, and if there is none, you have an option of creating one.

In WordPerfect a template is used every time you create a document. Even the blank document you get when you start WordPerfect is a template. This blank template which is the standard template is known as wp12us.wpt. But if you want to select a different template, go to File on the menu bar, select New from Project.

Working with templates
The standard template is pretty easy to use. If you plan to use different fonts and other settings for each document you will be creating, then the standard template is the right match for you to create variety of templates. It contains the initial paragraphs, and the formatting that are typically used in documents.

How to select another template other than the standard one:

  1. Go to File on the menu bar, then select New from Project.
  2. You will get the PerfectExpert dialog box. The WordPerfect provides variety of templates to choose from which are grouped into categories.

  3. Select your preferred category from the pull-down list.

If you are new to WordPerfect, the standard list gives you easy to use templates you can choose from. Click on the down arrow and scroll until you get the standard list. Usually located at the top of the scroll menu.

  1. You can now choose the template of your choice.
  2. Take time and read the description of the template that is located at the bottom of the dialog box to ensure that you select the right template for your work.
  3. Create the template by clicking on the Create button.
  4. It can take time before a PerfectExpert appears after you have created a template. The PerfectExpert is a feature that guides you on how to create a document of your choice. Therefore, if you are new to WordPerfect, this guide is a valuable when you want to learn how to create a perfect document.

The templates may also feature PerfectScript macros that are used to provide more option when customizing the template. Due to their popularity, hackers can easily use macros to spread viruses. This makes the WordPerfect to warn you about the risks posed by the macros before you start a new document. Therefore, it is imperative that you are aware who is the author of the publisher and ensure you only use macros from reputable vendors. If you are not sure, click the Yes button to disable the macros although this may affect the automated tasks of the template.

Creating Your Own template

Perhaps you want to create your own template? Sometimes the prebuilt templates may not provide enough options to choose from, or probably you just want to create a fancy template. You can be able to create a template and customize it to perfectly meet your requirements

Let’s see how you can create a custom template:

  1. Go to menu bar and select File, the choose New from Project.
  2. A PerfectExpert dialog box will popup, click the Options button
  3. Here select Create WP Template.
  4. The template created looks just like any other document. This ensures that complex formatting as you customize your own will not distract you. You can choose Insert, File to include a document formatting that you have already created.  
  5. How to customize.
  6. You can be able to modify the following in WordPerfect:

    • Styles: you can add or modify the styles that will reflect on each and document you will create.
    • You can also modify the headers, footers, and the margins of the template.
    • You can also add graphics such as a signature line that will be appearing on each document you will be creating.
  7. Go to menu bar and choose File, then Save the template.
  8. Give the template a name and choose a category that you can close associate with the template.
  9. The category will be where the template will appear every time you will be creating a new document, so do not forget to be coming here every time you want to use this template. These categories are found on PerfectExpert dialog box.
  10. Save the template.
  11. If you want to modify an existing custom template, follow the same process as indicated above. However, instead of selecting Create WP Template (as indicated in the 3 step) click on Options and choose WP Template. When you are done with modification, choose File, Save.