The Ultimate Document File Format List

The Perfect List of Document File Formats

A file format can be described as the way data is organized or arranged within a file. For a program to be used to open any specific file, it must be recognized have access to the data location within the file. The format in most cases is stated as part of the file name as an extension suffix and is commonly separated by a dot/period from the name. The extension is a three or four letter combination that creates an identity for the file format. Numerous file formats work with a variety of programs. This document will discuss a number of these file formats that work excellently for spreadsheets, presentations and different document types.

Formats that are great for documents

  1. Abw format
  2. This is a format that is linked to a word processing program known as AbiWord, which is a creation of Abisource is opened by AbiWord.

  3. WRF format
  4. It is an association of Thinkfree and a part of the Thinkfree office whose use works well with documents created for this application. It is opened by Thinkfree write.

  5. WRI format
  6. This is associated with Windows write, which is a simplified version of word processors used in older Window OS versions. It is opened with Microsoft Write.

  7. XHML format
  8. This is what is used for today and future documents and has the ability to reproduce and subset as well as extend HTML4. It is opened using internet browsers.

  9. XML
  10. It works for files written for extensible Markup language and is a structured text file with a variety of programs. It is the type of file that is opened by office programs.

  11. PDF
  12. The portable document format is an association of Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format. It is opened by Adobe page Reader.

  13. HTML format
  14. Is an association of hypertext markup language that provides a means to creating structured documents by signifying structural semantics for headings, lists, paragraphs, links and quotes just to mention a few. Internet browsers open it.

  15. HWP format
  16. This Hansoft Hangul word processor document is opened by open office.

  17. QUOX format
  18. This is a question object file format that is designed by QuObject explorer and is opened by either the Quobject designer or explorer.

  19. TeX  format
  20. This type of file extension is associated with TeX  or LaTeX  document files. It is a document preparation system for high quality type setting. It is opened using Dia.

  21. AWW format
  22. It is an association of Ability Write and is excellent for their type of documents. It is perfect for preparation and editing of reports, letters, quotations, mailings and memos as well as newsletter documents. Ability Write opens it.

  23. ACL format
  24. Is a Microsoft association and stores all corrections generated by Auto Correct, which is a feature of Microsoft office suite. It is opened by Microsoft office suite.

  25. SXW Format
  26. A document file format is created by open office. Org writer to be opened by Open office.

  27. Amigaguide format
  28. This is a hypertext file used by Amigaguide and opened by the same.
    It commonly associated with mathematics and applicable in notebook that are structured for interactive documents especially if they contain texts, graphics, calculations, sounds and type set expressions.

  29. CWK format
  30. Is an association of Apple Claris Works, which is currently a discontinued office suite that was developed by Apple some time back. Files in this format are opened by Claris work or Apple works.

  31. MWC format
  32. This is a Microsoft word association that is opened by Microsoft word for Macintosh.

  33. DOT format
  34. This is a common document extension format for Microsoft word and is opened by Microsoft.

  35. HWPML format
  36. This type of file is opened by open office and is an association of Hansoft Hangul Word Processor Markup Language documents.

  37. LWP format
  38. This type of file extension is an office suite association of IMB OS/2 operating systems. It is opened by Lotus WordPro.

  39. DOTX
  40. This is a Microsoft file extension format opened by Microsoft.

  41. Texinfo
  42. This is a UNIX GNU information file reader format and serves as an official documentation format for GNU projects. Its documents are opened using UNIX GNU.

  43. RTF format
  44. This is an association of documents in the rich text is one of the few formats where basic formatting techniques are still preserved to date. It is opened by WordPad.

  45. DOC
  46. It is a Microsoft word document extension and is used in Microsoft word program mostly. The same program also opens it.

  47. FDX format
  48. It is associated with final draft and contains final draft documents in the XML file format. Usually it is opened by Final draft.

  49. CSV format
  50. It is an ASCII text encoded because commas separate values. It is commonly used in spreadsheets such as in database management systems, and Microsoft excel. It is opened using Microsoft excel program.

  51. ODM format
  52. This is an open XML like file format used in most office applications documents especially those that contain text, spreadsheets and graphical elements as well as charts. It is opened by open office.

  53. WDP format
  54. It is a Corel WordPerfect association and part of a word processing program. Word Perfect opens it.

  55. ANS format
  56. It is a Microsoft word association that is opened the same way.

  57. ODT format
  58. Used for writer text document. It can be converted to Microsoft word formats and is opened by open office.

  59. TXT formats
  60. This file extension was commonly used for MSDOS, text editors, Unix and windows apps for their text files. It is opened by notepad.

  61. WPS format
  62. An association of Microsoft works. Is an office suite produced by Microsoft and offers a cheaper alternative to the Microsoft suite. Microsoft works open it.

  63. WPT format
  64. Is associated with Microsoft works and opened by the same program.

  65. PAP format
  66. Is a common format used by Papyrus word processor documents and opened by papyrus word processor.

  67. PAGES format
  68. This is a common Apples pages association as well as for word processor and page laytout app . it was developed by Apple as part of the iWork productivity suite. It is opened using Apples pages program.

  69. AFP format
  70. This serves as an advanced presentation platform, a solution from info print. It is a standard in the print industry and is used for printing high-speed varying data. It is opened by a program known as Xenos 2de Vision.

  71. SDW format
  72. As a starwrite text document, this format is known in earlier versions of staroffice and is opened by the same program.

  73. NBP format
  74. It is used for its famous notebooks and is associated with Mathematicas. It is opened using the Mathematica notebook.

  75. UOF format
  76. This is a Chinese creation for open standard office applications. It is opened using open office.

  77. DOCX format
  78. Is common file extension associated with Microsoft word especially with the more recent versions. It is opened by Microsoft word.

  80. XML-based document file format that is common for office applications and used for documents that contain text, spreadsheets, graphical elements and charts.


  81. CELL
  82. This is spreadsheet software from Hansoft. It is opened used the Hansoft viewer

  83. Numbers
  84. Is a product of iWork Number from Apple developers. This spreadsheet application was developed as part of the iWork productivity suite in addition to the pages and keynote. IWork numbers opens it.

  85. VC
  86. A VisiCalc association that was the first spreadsheet program ever created for computers. It is opened by VisiCalc.

  87. ODS
  88. Associated with Open calc. it is an excellent solution for spreadsheet files and is opened by open office.

  89. QPW
  90. This format is a Quattro pro association. It is a spreadsheet program developed by Borland and bought by Corel. You can open its files using Quattro pro.

  91. XLS
  92. It is a solution that is associated with Microsoft works and opened by Microsoft excel.

  93. XLSB
  94. Associated and opened by Microsoft excel.

  95. XLSM
  96. Associated with Microsoft excel used mainly for excel 2007/2010 especially when dealing with workbooks and individualized is opened by Microsoft excel.

  97. XLSX
  98. Also associated with Microsoft excel and its file and spreadsheet data is based on XML data is opened by Microsoft excel.

  99. XLR
  100. This format is associated with the Microsoft works version 6.0 and opened by Microsoft works.

  101. SXC
  102. Associated with and is excellent for spreadsheet tasks in Openoffice calc. Openoffice program is used when opening its files.


  103. NBP
  104. Is associated with Mathematica player slideshows and opened by the same Mathematica program.

  105. ODP
  106. This is a file format used for electronic office documents that include charts, spreadsheets, presentations and word processing documents. It is opened by word document.

  107. STI
  108. It is a file extension used for impress. Its files contain presentation templates that are opened with open office.

  109. SXI
  110. It is associated with and contains large files presentation. It is opened with open office program.

  111. SHW

Associated with Corel presentation and developed by Corel Corporation as part of their WordPerfect office suite. These files contain slide shows for presentation and are opened with Mathematica due to their association.