Saving Files in the Right Format for Compatibility

The question often asked is if you know the most basic file format to save a file for all programs to read. Creating of documents and computers also result in use of programs to create a file. The program then saves the document in a specific format that it identifies using the three or four-lettered word extension. Texts saved in Microsoft word have unique extensions such as .doc, .docx.rtf and .txt. The .doc extension is a representation of extensions created in windows 2003 and .docx is for documents created in windows 2007, 2010 and 2013. Docx documents can be read by programs from different vendors including Apple.

TXT and PDF cross platform formats

Document creation in word processing programs such as Microsoft word allows the program to add different formatting codes that affect its style appearance and page style. It includes codes, paragraphs, letter sizes, colors and fonts. The added codes make it different for the files to be opened by different programs. Microsoft word processing however offers a different option for saving files as code free text files that ends in recognizable extension such as .txt. Microsoft also offers .rtf file extension , rich text files which you can save with minimized coding as well as features with plan texts.

It is possible to save many files while maintain their original format for example the adobe.pdf files. The portable nature of these files allows for opening through adobe reader programs that are now default program apps on a majority of operating systems. Being a cross platform files, all documents with .pdf file extensions show pictures, headlines and texts in their original formats. When you know how to save a file with .txt or .pdf extensions is important as it ensures that files can be opened as text files using other programs. Because the compatibility across most platforms is guaranteed.

How to save a text file

Microsoft editions allow you to save files in .txt file extension format regardless of its year. To do so you need to follow a number of steps. Start by pressing Alt +F and then click save as where under the documents section you click other formats then select plain text and save as menu type.

How to save a pdf file in word

All word editions after 2007 can save any PDF file. Just as before start the saving process but click adobe pdf when you come to save a copy of the document. This is different for windows 2013 where you have to click file then export and finally click create PDF/XPS documents. XPS is Microsoft’s version of PDF, which is the same thing. Windows 8 uses a special windows reader app that can be used a native PDF builder and viewer.

How to use notepad

This is the oldest windows accessory programs used for text changing from any source into plain text format. You select and copy any web text and paste it in notepad for text stripping when formatting for any web. It is also excellent for quick note taking and is a good idea to have in your desktop especially for windows 8. To create a notepad shortcut, you need to access the notepad icon in the following simple steps. Go to the start menu and open the accessory folder then drag it to desktop to create the shortcut link. For windows 8 which is different, you need to locate the notepad application by searching through charms bar. When the app is available, pick it up and pin to start at the bottom of app screen. A notepad tile then appears on the start screen making it easy to access it whenever you need to.