Understanding Rich Texts vs Plain Text Documents

Main menu:

File > File Options > Document Format

Compact layout:

File > File Options > Document Format

Classic layout:

File Tools Panel > Options > Document Format

There are two categories of word processing documents including rich text and plain text. Rich text documents contain both text and formatting information, which enables them to possess any mixture of fonts, font styles, font sizes and paragraph styles. With rich text documents, it is possible to include images in your document. Common file formats for rich text documents include RTF, DOCX and Doc.  
On the other hand, plain text documents contain basic and unformatted texts. When saving your document, plain texts assume the TXT file name extension. However, other file names may be used depending on the purpose of the text file.  

You can know your document’s format using Jarte by looking at the status bar’s format indicator. It usually displays for rich documents and for plain text documents. Therefore, it is possible to change from one word processing document to another by using the format indicator.    

Rich Text File Formats

All word processor programs including Word and WordPad can identify RTF file formats. RTF file formats are recommended for documents developed using Jarte. Some versions of RTF are able recognized by most word processors. Standard RTF file formats consist of 7-bit ASCII. However, it can encode characters beyond ASCII. There are different types of RTF dialects that were born accidentally.

DOC File Format

This format is common for Microsoft word documents. This format comes in different versions.

Word 95 DOC Format Files

This is an old DOC file format that is currently hard to find. You will need a special Word 95 converter to open documents stored in this format.

Opening Word 97-2003 DOC Format Files

Word 97-2003 DOC is a popular Microsoft Word file format. Nonetheless, you need a special Word 97 converter file format to open its files. The recommended converter should be built into Windows XP or Windows Vista and above.    

Saving Files in Word DOC Format

To save documents in DOC file format, Jarte uses a special compatibility flavor of DOC format. WordPad as well as all versions of Microsoft Word are able to identify this flavor. For DOC format, Jarte does not need special converter files to open or save documents using the compatibility flavor for this format.      

DOCX File Format

This is a recent file format for Microsoft Word. Just as Word 2007 was released, so was the file format launched to the market. Although Jarte recognizes the file format, any editing changes made has to be saved using RTF or DOC file format. To get access to Word DOCX files, Jarte requires installation of Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack. The Office Compatibility Pack is available in computers that have Word 2007 or above. This usually comes with a trial edition of Word.

Other File Formats

Jarte does not support miscellaneous file formats that include WordPerfect, Microsoft Works.  

Plain Text File Format

All word processors and text editors available support plain text files. These files are used for special instances where formatted texts are not in need. There are many plain text files, but the most common one is TXT file format.   

Associating a File Format to Jarte

Main menu:

File > File Options > Create File Associations

Compact layout:

File > File Options > Create File Associations

Classic layout:

File Tools Panel > Options > Create File Associations

It is possible to link RTF, DOC, DOCX and TXT file formats to Jarte programby using the same file format. Therefore, when you double click a file associated with Jarte, you will be able to open the file in Jarte.  

However, this action will be disabled if the file format being run is opened from an external device such as a flash drive. Jarte may be allowed to accept file association at this point by changing the advanced settings for this.

Windows Vista and Above

Widows Vista operating system came with a new method of linking programs to file formats. With this operating system, File Association with Jarte is not independent. The command is a shortcut to Windows new Default programs window. When you open the window, you will get check boxes that allow you to link Jarte to RTF, DOC, DOCX and TXT file formats. Unchecking the boxes after you have clicked “OK” is not possible.  

By creating a link between the file type and a different program, it is possible to dissociate a file format from Jarte in Windows Vista and above. You can achieve this using Jarte’s File properties feature as discussed below.

  1. Open the file format you wat to dissociate from Jarte.
  2. Choose the File Properties feature. Click the change button.
  3. Choose the program you wish to dissociate from Jarte.