Similarities and Differences Between PDF and HTML formats

You can easily be able to identify some similarities and differences between PDF and HTML. All you have to do is to analyze a PDF file and a webpages. In this article, we are going to compare these two formats and look at the similarities and differences they have.


  1. You can send both PDF and HTML format files over the internet. This is known as file portability.
  2. Both of these two formats are universally accepted, while all web pages accept HTML formats all computers accept PDF formats
  3. These two formats can be used to enhance each other. PDF files may contain web functionalities and internet links while HTML may use PDF files to offer supplementary information to users.


  1. A PDF file is usually larger in terms of size as compared to a simple HTML version
  2. PDF files require extra software, a PDF reader to work while HTML Just needs a browser window.
  3. It is hard to pull out an image from a PDF file as it embedded while in HTML images can easily be pulled out and reused.
  4. PDF format is more concerned with appearance while HTML format is more concerned with structure.
  5. PDF format is not editable unlike HTML thus making its re-use difficult.
  6. While you can scale PDF you cannot do the same with HTML, it is not scalable.

Due to the various advantages and disadvantages, each of the formats has under different kind of situations users may often want to switch between formats or convert a particular file from either PDF to HTML or vice-versa.
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