How to Always Open PDF Documents in a Specific Application

What is a PDF?

It is a Portable Document Format (PDF) file format utilized for opening documents free from operating systems, application software and hardware. With every PDF file comes descriptions that will aid in the reading of the content of the document. These comprise of fonts, graphics and texts.

PDF files are mostly useful for documents such as flyers, magazine articles or product brochures in which you want to store the original graphic display online. A PDF file normally contains one or more page images, of which you can choose to zoom in on or out from (75% to even 200%) depending on your liking. This program also offers you the choice of page forward and page backward.


Computer users in the early 1990s lacked application software for sharing documents and it was in this era that PDF was introduced to them. PDF was a favorite especially in desktop publishing workflows. However, since PDF files can be bulky, they put too much pressure on slow computers.

Over the years Adobe Systems adopted new specifications a lot of times and made new enhancements to the PDF.

How to Open a PDF file

Double-click on the file and allow your computer to decide what default application to use for opening the document.

Ways of Converting a PDF file

The first step is to open the file in its default program. After this, you can decide to save it as another file format.

Second step is to through using a Free PDF to Word Converter to change the PDF file into a format that is compatible with MS-word. The original PDF file is difficult to edit but using a converter simplifies this.

The final step is the utilization of a program that has the capability of opening and allows saving of files. In case you have other reasons other than editing, then you can use Caliber that converts to and from in an eBook format.

Before opening a PDF file, you need to know what kind of PDF file extension you dealing with because they each open in a default setting. Some files may open in a double page instead of a single page whereas others open in the 200% mode of viewing. When working with multiple files, this proves to be a very tricky task. This is because the Viewing Settings have to be manually adjusted for each and every single document.

Adobe Acrobat reader is one of the most suitable and popular PDF editor. Others also include Nitro Pro, SumatraPDF, Foxit Advanced PDF editor, Nuance PDF reader and many more. Though, the Microsoft Word 2013 is capable of opening some PDF files too.

The diagram below offers a visual aid of how to stay clear of this nuisance. If you are using the Adobe Acrobat reader, this is the procedure to setting up the default open settings. The first option involves opening the program and moving to the edit box, a down-display appears, scroll down to Preferences.

Once you are at this point, a column titled Categories appears. Scroll down to the Page displays section. Here, options like Page Layout and Zoom appear. Put in the desired settings in the place of Automatic. On this column you have the choice of selecting the style you deem fit when reading your document for example if you want A Single Page, Single page Continous, two-up or two-up continous. Also in the Zoom box, you are able to adjust the zoom level to whichever percentage you like.  

After you are done with these quick easy steps, you can now click on the OK button. Simple as that! You are now assured that any time you open your PDF documents it looks exactly as you require it to be or rather the same way you set it. It saves you a lot of time and becomes very efficient and very convenient.

Remember, you also have the option of picking settings that will open the last pages of your PDF files that you were reading before in case you decided to take a break or something.

Restore Last View Settings When Re-opening Documents is used to determine whether the documents go to the last viewed page automatically without having to go back to setting them up.

Page Display preferences

Page Layout

This option sets the page layout utilized for scrolling when you first open a document. The default setting is normally Automatic.
The Page Layout setting in File > Properties > Initial View overrides this value.


This option sets the magnification level for PDF documents when they are opened for the first time. The default setting is also Automatic.
The Magnification setting in File > Properties > Initial View overrides this value.