Importance of Using Open XML Formats

Open XML is a zipped, XML-file based format originally developed by Microsoft for the representation of spreadsheets, charts, presentations and word processing documents. Its usefulness varies from developers and the solutions that they build to organizations and individual people of all sizes. Its benefits include

Smaller file sizes

This benefit is vital to individual and organizations that manages large document storage such as network file storage, share points among others. This feature enables one to save on storage space that would otherwise be handy in the end.

Easy recovery of damaged file

Open XML files are designed in a flexible fashion that keeps different data components in the file apart from each other. This feature allows the file to be able to open even if a component in the particular file is corrupted or damaged.

Privacy of personal information 

This feature makes the Open XML file superior. With the Document Inspector tool personal and business sensitive related information, for example, author names, file paths and comments are easily identified and removed hence enabling sharing of documents.


This feature is important to both organizations and individual developers. What one works with is a library that can open and save zip files and some sought of XML processor. A vital aspect of this benefit as the straightforwardness to make tools that run server-side.

Ease detection of macros containing documents

Default x suffix files (such as .pptx, .docx, and .xlsx) cannot contain visual Basic for Applications macros and XLM macros. Files only that end with an m such as (.xlsm, .pptm and .docm) contain macros. With open XML it is easier to detect such occurrences.

 Backwards compatibility

Imagine having the ability to convert a binary document to an open XML format with a high degree of reliability. This benefit gives companies with millions of documents to convert them and improve these existing documents. With this feature, individuals and organizations can implement their personal custom document crawler that meets requirements that an identical crawler cannot meet.