How to Open .DOC in WordPad

WordPad is basically an accessory package that Microsoft distributes with each copy of Windows. It is a light weight word processor that permits text style changes, basic formatting and graphics, but it doesn't possess Word's wide range features. Even though the type of WordPad that accompanies Vista and later Windows releases can't open .DOC documents specifically, a nifty trick to change them to .DOCX takes care of this issue. You can then utilize WordPad to open, read or print the document.

Step 1-Begin the Word program.

Step 2- Select the "File" tab, then choose "Open."

Step 3-Find the .DOC document you wish to change. Select the specific file and click on the "Open" option.

Step 4-Get on the "File" tab, then click the option "Save As."

Step 5-Enter a different name in the "File name" box option, then tap the "Save" selection. Word will save the new document as a .DOCX. Then close the program.

Step 6- Go to ''Start > All Programs > Accessories > WordPad."

Step 7- Use the File menu to open the document you just saved

It is important to note that; WordPad opens .DOCX format files but it actually saves in its own Rich Text File or plain text arrangements. WordPad for Windows XP unseals .DOC files directly but it does not take care of .DOCX. On the off chance you don't possess MS Word, the internet has a couple of alternative free converters to help you change a DOC folder to DOCX.