Office File Formats used for Technical Office Documents

File Formats used for Technical Office Documents

This section will discuss technical documents contained in a category of office file formats and document set. Take note of the fact that inter-document links available in PDF format function only when cross-referenced documents are saved in the same directory. When you click a link without saving the document in the same folder that the PDF document is located you will trigger an error message either when viewing online or when viewing through your local hard drive. If you want to save a complete set of PDF files to a similar folder, you need to download the office file formats zip file which is very easy to do and will take a couple of minutes to complete.

Technical specifications for different file formats is important for implementation in office applications. There are different binary formats created for Windows, Excel, Spreadsheets, outlook personal folders and PowerPoint documents and files. The information herein is important if you want to find something that works for your documents needs. Here are some of the technical office document formats you need to understand.

Consider the different file specification starting with that of 3-D map data tour file format, which works of data visualization the 3-D map data tour format, visualizes data on a map. There is also the word custom toolbar binary file format. It works by specifying the word toolbar binary format and customizing it. The format specifies the functions of the toolbar in achieved a runtime remedy when creating and deploying file content specific toolbar customizations.

Excel custom toolbar binary file format is also a technical document format that specifies the Excel custom toolbar binary file format that contains data as used by structures that preserve these data. In addition to this, the tool specifies the provision of run time solutions for content specific creation and deployment.

Word .doc binary file format is a technical format that specifies in the .doc file format usually used in Microsoft word 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003. The document set package format on the other hand specifies the document set package format, which stores document contents as a set that is exported from document library.  The office data connection format specifies data connection information that can be used to fetch data from the any database sources. Office drawing binary format on the other hand specifies all matters on office drawing or office Art in the binary file format. This format exists as a part of Microsoft office applications binary file formats. Office art data is a representation of the drawing elements and linked formation in the applications. The elements are represented as shapes that are contained within drawings and diagrams but include controls and tables.

There is the office forms binary formats that specify binary file formats with file formats that apply to office forms. These refers to a collection of controls that are used for additional support and interactive surfaces such as check boxes and opinion buttons. The office graph binary file format specifies the graph binary format that is embedded in Microsoft graph chart objects that are commonly used by Microsoft office 97, XP, 2003 and 2007.

OneNote revision is a technical format that specifies revision store file format for OneNote documents. In this format, structures that specify the correction store are organized in cross-referenced object spaces that contain property set objects and transaction log that ensures the integrity of files. There is the VBA format structure that specifies office VBA format structure by describing Microsoft visual basic applications, for windows 97, 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007. This specification describes a storage containing VBA projects that are contained in embedded macros and customized forms used in office documents.

PowerPoint binary format specifies how this format is applicable in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, 2000, 2002 and 2003. Spreadsheet data model file format specifies the spreadsheet data model file format that defines binary file formats used to store a proportion of tabular data model representing tables, relationships and data contained in spreadsheet format. There is also the outlook personal folder .pst file formats. This specifies the outlook personal file format in a way that provides all the needed technical information that is needed to read and write contents of a personal folder files. Every personal folder file is a representation of message storage containing arbitrary ranks of folder objects with both message and attachment objects. Information about folder objects, message objects, and attachment objects are stored in properties that as a collection contain information about each of them individually.

Office document cryptography structure specifies the document structure, which is the file format for documents with information right and management policies applied. OneNote file format is a persistence format for storing digital notes in hierarchy sets of sections and pages. Pages contain texts, tables, images, notes and other user-defined content. Office data connection format is used to specify data connection info that can be used when fetching data from databases.

Office web extensibility manifest format is a technical format that provides a scheme for office web extension manifest files. Word co-authoring file format in document lock persistence structure is a format that enable the protocol client to create and manage the presence of authors within a specific area of word processing document. There is also the Excel binary format which is used by Microsoft excel 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003. Excel .xlsb binary file format is a collection of records and structures specifying excel workbook content. The content includes unstructured or semi structured number tables, texts, formulas, charts, images and external data connections.