How to Make PDF files

Most people don’t know how to make PDFs (Portable Document Files) for downloading.

Almost everyone out there has an Adobe Acrobat PDF reader but the free version that is downloadable from the Adobe site. You cannot make your own PDF files using this free Adobe software, to do this you will need to purchase the full version. The price range for a full Acrobat version is about $200 - $ 300. The prices could have changed since it has been long since I last checked them at the Adobe site.

To be able to make your own PDF files you will have to purchase that full version software that means you have to part with some of your precious dollars.

Chill out, that’s not the end of this article so don’t give up yet. I did some research on the internet and came across several leads and solution to the problem of ours. The solution to it is free or if you have to pay then it will just cost you a few bucks.

Cheap Adobe

Software makers know there will always be people of my type who advise you on easier way out that’s why adobe have made the create Adobe PDF Online service that creates a PDF for you. A free trial lets you make a couple of PDF documents before it expires. If you are willing to pay an about $ 100 a year then you get to enjoy it and make all the PDFs you want.

When you compare the amount you would have spent on the $ 200 software, it means you will spend almost this exact amount and get to make your PDFs for two years.  

What you need to do is to just upload a word file or direct the system to a web URL and you will be good to go. You can then choose to send the PDF you just created as an email attachment to yourself or download it.

txt2PDF.cgi Application

This is a very flexible cgi-bin application based on the powerful txt2pdf tool. Once installed into your system it will be able to make PDF files in the same way as the Adobe services above.

There are several versions with version 4.0 available for purchase at about $ 90. Other previous versions are version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 that will obviously cost less than version 4.0.

Trial versions for CGI can be found on pages such as It uses txt2PDF version 2.0 but from how I experienced it, I will say it worked fine. It took until the next day for the file to be in my mailbox but apart from that it was fine. The deal as you would notice here is not a full-page version. You will have to copy and paste into the window so preferably pages with text only will be best suited for this. This is why they called it txt2PDF because it works well with text.

Win2PDF Application

This shareware is an easy to use tool for creating PDF files from windows applications. It will cost you about $ 35 do get hold of it. Frankly, I haven’t tried it to ascertain its efficiency but from the reviews I read from the web and others from people I know who have used it I must say it must be pretty good.

Look for it online and establish if you can be able find it at a cheaper price that what I have stated.


Now this is what we can call a fully free PDF deal. There is a page sponsored by the University of Arizona that allows you to freely download the GhostView and GhostScript software plus the complete instructions that comes with it.

Just to caution you; I am yet downloaded this free software for a spin. I will therefore not be liable should anything happen because of you installing them in your computer. Either way I don’t think there is going to be any problem, but you know with legal issues nowadays you never know the kind of problems such methods can get you into.

Even though the procedure is well outlined on the page here are basics. You will have to install a printer for your system that will be saving files as “postscript” preferably the HP PaintJet XL 300 postscript. If you don’t own such a printer then worry not, the page suggests that you might not even need new software as it may already be in your operating system. Isn’t it great?

After the installation, you are to save your preferred document, the one you want to convert to PDF to file. Make sure the file extension you are saving is .PS. It may sometimes want to save as .PRN, make sure you always change it to .PS.

The hard part is now over. Click on the file from your file system, the PostScript panel will pop up then choose the GhostScript control panel and save your file as PDF. Judging by the examples of documents that the author has saved through this system I can say it does a good job.

That's That

I can wait for you people to try one of these methods and software we have discussed and give me the feedback. You know I have not been able to try all these software as lucky for me I have access to a full version of the software at my University faculty. It can take me some few minutes to get all my work done. I am particularly interested with how the Ghost software will run, so don’t hesitate to give me your feedback when you do it.

After getting your PDF file it shouldn’t be hard getting it to display. The browser will usually do what it needs to do, you just make sure the PDF is uploaded. Failing to upload is the most common mistake that people make resulting in errors. So make sure you always confirm this.