End User License Agreement

This document encompasses the provisions and conditions of the End User License Agreement ("EULA") between Free Documents Viewer and the consenting users of our File Viewer ("the Application") software package. Within this document, Free Documents Viewer defines the user restrictions, user responsibilities, and user liabilities that pertain to the user's acquisition, download, installation, and active use of the Application. If you are not willing to fully accept, and to be obligated by, the terms of this EULA, do not attempt to download, install, or otherwise utilize the Application. By taking possession of the Application, from any source or by any means, you thereby confirm and concur that you understand and consent to be legally obligated by the contents of this EULA. This agreement is between Honlyn (MCO) Limited and our users. Our Company Name is Honlyn (MCO) Limited and our address is 34 Stanley Road Floor 15 Flat D Hong Kong. You may uninstall our software by going to Start - All Programs - Free Documents Viewer - Uninstall option to remove our software. Please reach us at support @ doctaskz.com.

License, Permissions, And Restrictions

As established by the terms of this EULA, Free Documents Viewer grants to you, the approved user, a limited permissions, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license to download, install, and utilize a single copy of the Application. Furthermore, you are not allowed to use the Application in the commission of any criminal activities, for the purpose of slandering, abusing, or intimidating other persons, for any crude, vulgar, or pornographic projects, or for packaging, reselling, lending, leasing, or otherwise handling the Application as though it were your personal property. The application belongs to Free Documents Viewer . United States copyright and other international treaty provisions protect our rights to the Application, including all accompanying and associated components such as documentation, graphics, audio attachments, text displays, trademarks, logos, and other elements that can be described as linked aspects of the intellectual property known as Free Documents Viewer or the Application. This license permits you to use the Application in a responsible and productive fashion. However, Free Documents Viewer retains all ownership, titles, rights, and interest in the Application as a whole and as any individual component thereof.

Termination of This Agreement

Free Documents Viewer retains the right to instantly, and without discussion, revoke this license from any user. If you violate the terms of this EULA, your right to use the Application shall come to an immediate end. However, the termination of this license does not release you from your personal obligations concerning the conditions of this EULA. As a primary user-response to a termination of this license to use the Application, you agree to immediately and completely destroy any and all copies of the Application that you have created, caused to be created, or permitted to be created. As a secondary user-response to a termination of this license to use the Application, you agree to be liable to Free Documents Viewer for any financial losses, legal fees for defense, or legal feels for prosecution that may come about as a result from your violating the terms of this EULA, or from your permitting another to have access to and thus bring about a violation of the terms of this EULA.

Limited Warranty

The Application and any services or products that Free Documents Viewer may include in association with the Application are provide to our users on an "AS IS" condition. We do not guarantee the Application to perform any specific task or function. We do not warranty that the Application is error free, nor that it will not fail, nor that it will not harm your computer system, including causing you to lose personal data. Under no circumstances, including a prior knowledge of possible events, shall Free Documents Viewer be held liable for any loss of services, income, business, data, or heath that a user may endure as a result of using the Application. With regards to local laws and limits to enforceability or implied warranties, you agree that you will not seek to hold Free Documents Viewer liable for a sum that exceeds the list price of the Application.

Entire Agreement

Free Documents Viewer reserves the sole right to modify this EULA at will. Our software user agreement only covers the source code of Free Documents Viewer and does not include the libraries we have made us of in our software. We have made use of the libraries from www.7-zip.org and some components from ZipTV as well. Please refer to their websites to read more about the conditions for using these libraries.