The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft’s XPS files

Most people want to know how they will open XPS file extensions. The concern is to know whether to do so on a Mac or Windows computer requires downloading and XPS reader or viewer. There is also the issue of creating an XPS file. Can the created document be edited? Fortunately, these documents will cover all of these concerns and everything that has to do with XPS file formats. It will serve as a guide to understand XPS file system making it a long read. Going through the table of content can simplify your read as it directs your read to something specific.

Are you among the people that receive files with .XPS file attachments? XPS file formats are not as popular as Adobe PDFs and Microsoft DOCs.

XPS File format explained

This is a XML paper specification that allows for adjustment of large XPS documents into paginated ones for easy printing. They are not rich compared to PDF and DOCX especially because they do not include pictures and videos. It is the simplest file format for electronic papers. Usually when paying for items online the company generates a receipt that serves as proof of payment and when downloaded, these receipts end up in an .XPS extension.

Why Microsoft loves XPS file extension

.XPS is a Microsoft’s creation. Their review on the format shows their excitement and love for the format as they praise it for being a faster and better printing format. In addition, files in this format are easy to share, are safer and can be stored with confidence. This last factor is important considering the fact that most people today have mastered the skills of opening files. You need to be sure that any unauthorized persons will not access your files.

It is not easy to crease XPS files XPS file creation takes some effort. You have the choice of creating one from scratch using different software or go for the conversion option where an existing document in a different format is turned into XPS. Good examples is when turning PDF or DOC to XPS.XPS file creation depends on a number of thing the first being the software you use as well as your operating system.

Creating XPS files for windows

Here you need to use a XPS document is easy to convert any document on window visa or windows seven to XPS using MXDW. This is a built in tool for Microsoft window platforms. You need to choose the document you want to convert and print the document. A window will then pop up allowing you to select Microsoft XPS document writer. You can generate the .XPS action by hitting the print button. You should save this specification file on your desktop.

Make use of office. The 2007 version of Microsoft windows can download the free add in which allows saving the document as XPS. This means that you can edit PDF or word file as many times as you want using your favorite editor. The next thing would be to open the files in Microsoft office and go to file to save. The MXDW can also be installed and work for Windows XP and windows servers 2003 OS.

Creating .XPS Files on Mac OS

Creating an XPS file on mac means parting with $299 as payment. This is because you may need to get the NiXPS app. However, you may not want to pay that much money for your XPS File. For this reason, you may opt for an alternative, which is converting XPS format on your Mac from a PDF format.

Opening files on windows and Mac

You should use XPS viewer. The pack offers essential support for viewing XPS files. It is possible to download the program free especially because they are of small sizes 32 bit and 64 bit available on windows vista, 20003 and even XP. For the download go to Microsoft’s page. Take considerations of your OS type, download and install the appropriate tool. The next thing to do would be to launch the XPS document to read. You can choose the alternative of printing the document or phrase searches using the XPS search tool.

Convert it to PDF. This also a different approach to opening files that end with .XPS extensions. You can use the free available tools to convert the documents to PDF formats. Even though it may consume some time it is a worthy cause. All mac users should remember that Gmail comes with XPS reading capability, which is a better solution, compared to downloading apps that may require payment to open a .XPS file.

You can open an XPS file through other ways. For browsers such as Mozilla and internet explorer it is important to understand how to open XPS file extensions. You need to know how you can open such files quickly and form the browser.

Editing XPS Files

It is not easy to edit an XS file. While paid tools are available to assist with the editing, I would recommend old conventional editing tricks. The first solution could be to convert the XPS file to PDF or word. You then need to open a new file and edit out what you want. The new and edited file is then converted back to XPS file format.